Arden Tucker, Associate MFT

Arden Tucker, Associate MFT
IMF# 83821
(916) 690-3610
Supervisor: Stephanie Iott, MA LMFT

Taking the first step to seek assistance through therapy can be intimidating however, the rewards can be immeasurable. The good news is if you are up to the challenge of personal change the new skills you adopt for yourself can promote lifelong change. No matter what roadblocks you face on your way to healing, successful passage is possible. My personal approach and style is one of honesty, warmth, and harmony which are key to us working together to help reach your goals you get your needs met.

In my practice I work with adults, adolescents and couples who may be dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, grief and loss, relationship issues, or transitions through life as well as couples working to improve or rebuild their relationships.  I’m experienced working with individuals addressing issues pertaining to gender equality, race, racism, and culture, and also interracial couples striving to utilize difference as building blocks to strengthen your relationship . I am also passionate about working with the LGBTQ+ Community addressing pervasive issues of stigma, discrimination, culture, and the personal struggles related to coming out at all ages.

I am excited about the opportunity to help you adopt new goals for self-care and wellness. This is your opportunity as a unique individual to change behaviors about yourself that are negatively impacting your journey through life and its various relationships. Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to have your needs met and for you to feel that today is especially tailored for you by you? Therapy is a great way to make all of these things happen. I hope now is your time and I look forward to speaking with you. To schedule appointment use link below.

Fees: As an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist I work Fee For Service and have the capacity in some situations to have a sliding scale.  My normal and customary fee is $110 per 50 minute session.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss other possible options.





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